Hornady 67713 Bore Driver Ftx 50 Cal Flex Tip Expanding 290 Gr 20 Per Box/10 Case

brand Hornady
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The Bore Driver FTX muzzleloading bullet seats quickly and easily for shot after shot performance. The Flextip initiates expansion even at low velocities enabling enhanced muzzleloader terminal performance. The performance boosting base features a post that fits into the bottom of the bullet. This post swells in diameter at ignition for better torque engagement from inside the bullet and the centering petals grip the bullets boattail while the skirt engages the rifling to maximize energy transmission.

Caliber 50 Cal
Bullet Type Flex Tip eXpanding (FTX)
Bullet Weight 290 gr
Rounds Per Box 20
Bullet Coating Copper
Game Type Medium
Series FTX